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Training Concept

Training Concept

MYZY the road of Training and Development
MYZY has always been depending on the talents, wealth, attaches great importance to the cultivation of the concept of service in line with the company strategy, corporate culture construction, personnel training, by helping employees to enhance job performance and personal skills, and promote employees with the company's grow together.

MYZY the personnel training system
Corporate training: According to the organization's annual training plan, full participation in the training are: 9S knowledge training, safety training, corporate culture-related content of training.
Departmental training: training of the various departments according to the annual training plan to organize, with the department about the various types of knowledge

Standardized training
A: The new training: According to the different characteristics of the new recruits, the company arranged a different series of training.
B: In the job training: workers took to the job, according to the new requirements of production and work, to continue training.
C: promotion training: technical promotion of workers and cadres job promotion qualify for promotion in post-level positions, in accordance with the specifications for training.
D: training and retraining: Before reorientation transfer, in accordance with the specifications of the new positions, new positions for training.

Emergency, special training
According to the actual needs of the different periods of production (work), mainly to address the urgent need of production (work) or weak links.
Self-learning, employees on their own initiative to re-learning expertise and operational skills exercise.

Amateur life of employees:
Kunshan MYZY in the process of doing masterpiece strong enterprises, the growing recognition that employees are the key for enterprises to grow, we improve the treatment of employees, the protection at the same time, more concerned about the spiritual life of the staff every month a series of cultural activities, and enrich the business life of the employees, enhance employee cohesion and solidarity.