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I have such opportunity with friends at home and abroad to contact, and will introduce myzy company to everyone, Mino Eiko to, to long-term care and support to our leaders and the community Tongren grateful!

Myzy is located in the beautiful scenery of Yangcheng Lake in Kunshan city,Jiangsu province. Since its establishment, we are committed to the professional production and provide personalized for Chinese and foreign customers to test products and integrated solutions, won the Foxconn, Ren Bao, quanta, Chang Shuo, customers at home and abroad.

Excellent performance and development trend, will guarantee to become a production test industry outstanding representative.

Provide production testing products professional and comprehensive solutions, the first time to meet customer demand, customers and common development, is maizhi diligently strive after goal.

We will be adhering to the "refine on, the pursuit of the spirit of excellence", take the industry market and the capital market with the road, accumulate steadily, create brilliant.

Please care and support to as in the past to the company, thank you!