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As a high-tech technology enterprise,  Kunshan MYZY Fixture Technology Co., Ltd. is professionally producing test fixtures and providing comprehensive solutions . It was founded in February 2009 and the registered capital reached 76.9386 million RMB. Located in the city of Kunshan---the head of top 100 economic counties,located in the Huanqing Road No. 2618, Kunshan New & high-tech industrial development zone.Our company covers an area of 50 mu. possesses more than 800 staffs which including 9 foreigners,and more than 120 technical research and development personnel, college degree or above personnel account for 76% among all of the staff. The company has 58sets of the advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing instrument and they are: carved machine, drilling machine, horizontal lathe, drilling machine, tapping machine, numerical control lathe, milling machine, computer strip line machine, surface grinding, TR518 tester, AG3070 tester, etc.

The development of our company is so rapid since it has been found. We invested function fixture in March 2010 while MDA fixture in April 2010; put into semi-automatic, automatic fixtures and equipment in May 2010 as into line production in July 2010; In December 2010 invested in ICT vacuum production and built ICT program development team.All the products of the company according to ISO9001:2008 international quality system standard to design, produce, manufacture and test. Now it obtaines more than 30 practical new-type patent invention and more than ten high-tech products and becomes the key supported unit by the high and new technology enterprises in Kunshan.. Kunshan MYZY Fixture Technology Co., Ltd. continually  provides innovative technology and products for honored customers and sets up the  most brilliant brand inChina fixture field.

Enterprise expectation:Become the fixture industry leading enterprises and enter the world's top 10 within 10 years.
Enterprise mission:Creat platform for staff, Creat value for customer. Keep on striving, provide competitive solution and service for customer.
The core value: honesty and trustworthiness; responsibility and honor; Win-win sharing; gratitude and benevolence,
Quality management conception: conscientious and meticulous; keep improving; no best, only better
Customer service conception: We struggle for what our customers' need
Enterprise management concept: No bad employees, only incompetent managers
Enterprise employment concept: degree just represents the past, ability reveals  the future
Enterprise environmental protection concept: Energy conservation, Environmentl protection, Green earth.

On the basis of sufficiently absorbing foreign advanced technology, we has successfully developed: ICT/FCT/ATE/BGA fixture, automatic and semi-automatic function test fixture, etc. Series of products, and has been widely used in automobiles, computers and telecommunications, medical, consumer products and other fields. The company could design fixtures based on customers demand, drawings and reference scheme. Assisting the computer automatically click on software, choosing corresponding materials, using high precision CNC drilling machine produced  ICT, ATE test fixture, FCT test fixture and other related test fixture with stable performance and high quality. The company has a complete radio frequency production test solutions. Together with the customers defined RF test points and connector type and suggest the customer to choose the right RF test points and connector type, thereby to enable customers to increase production and maintenance up more easily.

At present, Kunshan MYZY Fixture Technology Co., Ltd. and its R&D center have set in kunshan. The marketing network has been spread all over the country and even around the world. There are more than 20 international and domestic well-known electronic enterprises established close cooperative partnershipcompany with us , such as the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and others. 

The service policy of our company is "customer highest, customer satisfaction" . We try to meet the market demand and protect our consumers' rights and interests through the continuously improved service levels, constantly perfected  after-sale service system, developed and implemented  standardized and procedural after-sales service operation system.With the expansion of the scope of business, we will increase at least 100 persons to be service Representatives in chengdu, shenzhen, zhengzhou, Brazil, South Korea and other countries. Ensure our customers can enjoy our all-around first-rate service through the after-sale service department, quality department, r&d center and other departments'  close, full, timely, accurate and efficient collection, feedback and solution of customer and market's information.

As is known to all, talents is the foundation  and the most valuable wealth of the enterprise.

MYZY has been paying great attention to the talents team construction since it was found. Creating a outstanding talented person troop to promote enterprise development , selecting and training a number of vigorous, innovative and endurable managers and technical leaders through the continuously  Lastposition Eliminating Principle of enterprise human resources management system. Furthermore, we insist on

Select person with the principle With "morality first and cultural merging"

Appoint person with the principle of "choose ability and fair competition"

Check person with the principle of "performance directed and rewards and punishment clearly"
Train person with the principle of "mutual cooperation and common development "

MYZY throughout insist on the service purpose of honest management, sustainable development, and creative win-win aim . Service clients as the greatest happiness and make them feel joyful via active, meticulous, precise, fast and efficient service. Our ultimate goallet is satisfied our customer. MYZY will persist in stepping in good faith and performance, continuous innovation, positive enterprising,and make efforts to create first-class of high-tech enterprises.

During the period of Second Five planning development stage , kunshan MYZY also usheres the new opportunity of the development . Kunshan located in the centre of The Yangtze River Delta and grasps the advantage of talents, technology, channels and supplementary resources. MYZY is moving toward to the splendid future with unprecedented speed!